About the Barnstable Shellfish Farmer's Market

The Barnstable Shellfish Farmer's Market is an inclusive group of commercial fishermen and farmers who reside in the Town of Barnstable and are interested in connecting consumers directly to their products.

The Barnstable Shellfish Farmer's Market is managed by Barnstable Seafood Company. As a fisherman owned and operated business, fresh, local seafood is a priority for Barnstable Seafood Company.

The community farmer's market has been a priority for Jake and the team so that Barnstable's fishermen and their products are accessible to all neighbors and friends alike.

Through the Barnstable Farmers Market you can purchase products from your favorite fisherman/farmer as well as other vendors to compare experiences. The products and prices on the market will change with the seasons so don’t forget to check in regularly for sales and special products.